Saturday, September 9, 2023

September 9--All Are Wounded

To be alive at all is to have scars.  --John Steinbeck

    If you are breathing at this moment, you've been wounded in some way. Some wounds were intentional, others not, but all affect us just the same. We have suffered from acts of commission and omission. 
    We have physical scars. They start as we become mobile and experience the bumps, crashes, and tumbles of being a toddler. Assorted illnesses like chicken pox can leave scars. Then there are accidents and surgeries. Let us take a moment to appreciate the magnificent healing capabilities of our bodies. 
    We have emotional scars. The physical therapist working with me on my shoulder is encouraging me to pull my shoulders back and open my chest. I know that my lifelong poor posture is related to early emotional trauma. I (unconsciously) adopted a rounded posture to protect my heart. Being a yoga and Melt Method teacher, I see plenty of evidence of emotional trauma held as bodily scars. 
    We have mental scars. Consider that there is a scar any time "should" is involved. "I should do that." "I should not have done that." We make mistakes, and if we don't take responsibility for those and make amends as appropriate, we create more mental scars. 
    We have spiritual scars. Actually, due to most modern day religious teachings, we think we are just one huge scar, unworthy sinners, all of us. How sad that we have been scarred by dogma away from our Spirit-given, innate divinity. 
    Love heals, 

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