Sunday, September 3, 2023

September 3--Does It Matter?

It's gonna hurt because it matters.  --John Green

    This one feels like walking barefoot on rough gravel. I really struggle with what matters. What does matter? I believe this takes a personal, individualized answer. What matters to me may be of no interest to you. There are many times when I try to tell myself that something does NOT matter, but my heart is screaming otherwise. 
    Let's consider some examples. I'll start with my golf game. I know that it completely does not matter. However, if I'm playing so poorly that I just end up frustrated, that matters, and I need to reconsider how much I play. I have backed away this summer from much of my usual weekly play, and I have not missed it. When I do play, I've enjoyed it. Here is a case of "less is more." 
    This year I have taken up pickleball. It is fun, and it 100% completely does not matter. I'm there to learn, and I do not care one bit whether I win or lose. I simply love to play. 
    And there you have it---"I simply love to play." That's the way to go through life, knowing that the love of the game is all that matters. 

A hand towel at the Fort Collins Ace Hardware

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