Wednesday, September 20, 2023

September 20--Onward Anyway

We can't be brave without fear.  --Muhammad Ali

   I think the most scared I have ever been was going up in the plane and stepping out onto the ledge before skydiving. Mind you, I was strapped quite tightly to the tandem instructor but that was worth only a millimeter of comfort. It was pure terror. However, it turned instantly to ecstasy once we were free-falling. That was such a bizarre experience, going in a nanosecond from utter terror to total joy. 
    I have driven thousands of miles on baseball, beach and assorted other adventures. I am often asked if I'm afraid traveling by myself. On rare occasions I am, but it is the price I pay to go where I want to go. I've had many great adventures that would have been missed had I let fear stop me. Plus during my month-long yoga teacher training, I learned to drive in the most horrible Houston traffic, so city traffic does not scare me any more. 
    As I get older, fears seem to pile up. I can terrify myself quickly if I let my thoughts go down that path. It is a constant practice of reminding myself that Something Bigger Than Me has my back. All I need to do is keep moving. 
Wildflower beauty from an Ohio road trip

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