Friday, September 29, 2023

September 29--What You Cannot See

Learn to trust what you cannot see far more than what you can see.  
--Carolyn Myss

    I offer this Note from the, Sept 25) by Mike Dooley:
From where you sit right now, reading this Note, you are held and supported by energies unimaginable. All commanded by you and your choice to think big or small, rich or poor, confident or afraid, easy or hard, fun or boring, play or work, here or there, now or then, fast or slow, happy or sad.

Your call. 
Love you,
The Universe
    Some folks need "show me" scientific proof before they will believe. They want all the facts. I am not so much that way. It has been a lifelong practice to recognize, trust and follow my intuition. Often I cannot say why I know or decide something. I truly do try to go with "gut feel," trusting the talents and divine order of Something Bigger Than Me. 

At the CSU Gardens.
I put much faith in the beauty 
of the natural world--
our survival depends on it!

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