Wednesday, May 4, 2022

May 4--YUMMY!!

Life is so endlessly delicious.  --Ruth Reichl

    It is! Just look at the very "basics"--food and shelter. Given the variety of people on earth who each have their own ethnic food specialties--the taste buds can explore and be happy for a whole lifetime. Your shelter can be in any number of glorious locations--beach, mountains, prairie, rolling hills, lakeside, dessert. 
    With the infinite creativity of Spirit flowing through us, if we can envision it, we can make it. The light bulb, telephone, computers and airplanes have made life so delicious, increasing our ability to communicate and to explore our fabulous Earth home. I am especially fond of the many ways folks offer their artistic talents. A trip through an art museum is particularly yummy for me.
    The options for exercise have expanded dramatically in my lifetime. My parents built a pool to encourage me to move my young fat body. There were few other options around my way-out-in-the-country home. Now I swim, play golf, walk Barney, teach and practice yoga and Melt Method, and garden, yet there are many more options available which I don't use. The variety is delicious. 
    Enjoying the flavors of life,

Sugar Beach, St. Lucia--I'm in!

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