Saturday, May 21, 2022

May 21--A Leisurely Start

All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.  --John Gunther

(Note: HALLELUJAH! It did not snow as predicted!)

    The photo with this quote in "Daily Gratitude" is of a croissant and coffee. Life is delicious! I feel that a bit of leisure in the morning is very essential to a good day. Even a few minutes of quiet time to breathe and center makes a difference in the course of the day. I love to write, read inspirational material, and enjoy good coffee. The days when I don't get to do that simply are not as smooth and comfortable.
    I've learned in my ongoing journey of recovery from addiction that honesty and humility are also essential ingredients to happiness. These powerful words of Richard Rohr came to me yesterday in his Daily Meditation:
The only people who grow in truth are those who are humble and honest. This is traditional Christian doctrine and is, in effect, the maxim of Alcoholics Anonymous. Without those two qualities—humility and honesty—we just don’t grow. If we try to use religion to aggrandize the self, we will end up just the opposite: proud and dishonest. Humility and honesty are really the same thing. A humble person is simply someone who is naturally honest about their own truth. You and I came along a few years ago; we’re going to be gone in a few more years. The only honest response to such a mystery is humility.
    I'm grateful for the mystery of life, for not having to know and understand everything. 

Mama and her little ones,
Japanese Friendship Garden, Phoenix

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