Sunday, May 22, 2022

May 22--Who? What? When? Where? Why?

The constant happiness is curiosity.  --Alice Munro

Sometimes I say to myself a little prayer in my advancing years, “God, help me to be the kind of old person young people want old people to be. Help me not just to talk like this, but help me to walk around like this and answer the phone like this and talk to my grandchildren like this.” We’re all trying to do our best here to walk the walk.  --James Finley

    Young or old, curiosity is vital to happiness. What fun would it be if we thought we knew it all? Do you like being around someone who thinks he or she knows it all? No matter how much of life we have navigated, there is still infinitely more to investigate, learn and try. Curiosity, active learning, helps us seniors align with Finley's prayer. 
    One thing I'm having fun with lately is photography. I have no aspiration to be a professional, that would involve too much worry about lighting, composition, etc. I like taking photos of things that move or interest me, and then I share them occasionally on the blog. Such is the case (photo below) with a sunrise I was treated to outside the YMCA after a recent early morning swim. The reason I like this practice is because it is making me pay more attention to my immediate surroundings. That is one form of curiosity, and I'm digging it. 
    What joys shall today bring? 

It was breathtaking!

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