Monday, May 16, 2022

May 16--Goofiness

Let us uncork all our bottled up happiness.  --Pablo Neruda

    I must tell a silly trip story. I suspect that it is common for us humans to have some goofy irrational fears. For instance, the drive-up ordering system at Sonic completely intimidates me. I have no idea why. 
    On my long layover in Las Vegas, I did a lot of walking, and noted that there is an endless supply of slot machines to take one's money. I am, again, completely intimidated by gambling and slot machines. Finally, about an hour before flight time, I said to myself, "You have just done a solo trip that most 66-year-old women would never dream of doing. Surely you can be brave enough to ask for help on a slot machine." So I did. It turns out that you just put in the cash, push the button again and again, and lose (in my case) $10 in about three minutes! 
    Why don't we just put slot machines everywhere? That way there would be plenty of funds moving around to accomplish any goal. There was no shortage of players at the machines in the Las Vegas airport. 
    Have a fun Monday!

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