Sunday, August 15, 2021

August 15--Puttering Around

Puttering is really a time to be alone, to dream and to get in touch with yourself... To putter is to discover.  --Alexandra Stoddard

    I love the word "puttering." The idea makes me feel good--just hanging out with and by myself, doing assorted, possibly useful, things, seeing what the next right thing is to do. My garden is a great place for puttering. There are always weeds to be pulled or flowers to deadhead, and yes, there is something interesting to discover with each time in the garden. 
    Another time of puttering is the occasional weekend evening when I go out and play nine holes of golf by myself. Putting is puttering. 😉😉 Usually the course is not busy then, and I can take extra practice shots. I'm not rushed. I love being alone with my thoughts. I can even talk to myself (I do it a lot), and no one notices. 
    Today is Sunday, an excellent day for puttering--enjoy!

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