Saturday, May 9, 2020

May 9--Peace

Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.  --Buddha

     If we are not in a state of inner peace, there can be no peace on the outside. As long as we are carrying around emotional charges of any sort, there can be no long-lasting peace on our planet. That may seem discouraging, but that puts peace, and its potential, squarely in our hands, actually, in our hearts.
     As long as there are human beings living together on this planet, there will be disagreements and conflict. With peace at the center of our beings, however, those can be resolved by means other than being hateful and killing each other. I am encouraged to witness a human consciousness wherein war is becoming unacceptable. Progress seems painfully slow at times, but it is unstoppable. Humanity cannot go backwards.
     There's a lot of drama afoot these days. I would even suggest the very real possibility of addiction to drama. Do we really need all the drama? I admit that I used to love it, but once I recognized the extreme energy-draining cost, it lost all its appeal. Let's do each other a favor and lessen our personal need for drama and add a bit more peace to our world. Thank you!

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