Friday, May 29, 2020

May 29--You is Best

You are your best thing.  --Toni Morrison

     What else do you have to operate with besides yourself? Anyone who has spent any time trying to change or control another person knows that to be a beat-your-head-against-a-wall proposition. It's best to just stick to yourself in terms of shaping, growing, molding, and expanding. It's a glorious lifetime practice creating a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body that you love. Appreciating the twists and turns of life as you alone experience them makes them all much easier to bear. 
     All to often I hear someone later in life say, "I wish I'd taken better care of myself." I've had that thought occasionally. Living by the above quote, and thus, training our children by example, would be a good way to avoid self-disappointment down the road. 
     Another area where I see a lot of self-defeating behavior is in comparing oneself with others. That's trying to match their outsides with your insides, never a successful practice. You rarely come out of a round of comparison thinking, "I am my best thing." There's too much opportunity there for not measuring up to some imagined standard. Serenity requires leaving the self-judgment behind. 
     Comfy as me,

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