Sunday, May 10, 2020

May 10--Moms Rock!

You is kind. You is smart. You is important.  --Kathryn Stockett

     Today I honor mothers, living and passed over. Kind, smart, and important pretty well covers it. By "mother" I mean all women, whether or not they have human children, celebrating the love and nurturing and hope each one brings to our world. 
     There is a lot of anti-female rhetoric being spewed by (mostly old white) men these days. It seems to me that these men are failing to remember this: if a woman had not gone to considerable effort to nurture them in the womb and birth them, they wouldn't be here. Rudeness toward women by these men is a fine example of "biting the hand that feeds you." It is nicely summed up in this writing by rupi kaur: "you want to keep the blood and the milk hidden as if the womb and breast never fed you."
     Being a mother is both the greatest challenge and the greatest blessing of this lifetime for me.
     I see a shift happening on our planet to a greater emphasis on cooperative female nurturing energy. I'm thinking this is being accelerated by the pandemic. This can only be a good thing, for look where the patriarchy and emphasis on dominance, control, competition and aggression has brought us. Bring on the love and nurturing, please!

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