Tuesday, May 12, 2020

May 12--Safe at Heart

Let us not fear the hidden. Or each other.  --Muriel Rukeyser

     There's way too much fear in the world today, exacerbated by those who would stir up fear to gain political popularity. Oh, yes, and then there's a rampant, killing virus going around the planet.
     I feel that I was pretty well programmed from day one to fear other people. Between the abuse by my older brother Ken and being raised by practicing addicts, I learned that even those folks closest to me, whom I was dependent upon, were not necessarily reliable and couldn't be trusted for sure. It took years of practicing the 12-Step program and dipping my toe in the waters of trust to be able to reach a point where I'm not afraid of other people. I actually like other people. It is so fun to ask questions and learn a person's unique story. I'm finding that everyone has something interesting to share if we can get past the barriers that fear builds around us. Yep, once again, it's a practice.
     I remind us that fear stands for false evidence appearing real. Even though there may be scary things out there (or within us), we don't have to live in fear. Just as we wear masks today to protect ourselves and others, we can always take steps to minimize danger, not the least of which is faith in a higher power. Trusting that life is for me, not against me, is a powerful self-fulfilling belief.
     Getting braver,

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