Thursday, May 14, 2020

May 14--How Would You Define You?

Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself.  --Harvey Fierstein

     I was lucky. Despite the dysfunctional nature of my family of origin, I don't ever remember my parents delivering expectations of what I might do with my life. Being a straight-A student, I was expected to go to college, which I did. Computers were just becoming the career thing, so that's what I went into. I loved the logic and numbers.
     My generation is probably the last to spend the bulk of one's working life with a single company or vocation. My husband did that. I, however, have enjoyed great variety in my working life. After working in technology for eight years, I quit when our first son was born. Eventually I started working as a legal secretary. That was a part-time gig for many years, then I became a finance and office manager at a church. That was my favorite job ever--I could hardly wait to get to work in the morning. We had a staff that worked very well together, and the job used all of my skills very well. Alas, a change in senior pastor jettisoned me into my current assortment of roles... bookkeeper, writer, coach, yoga instructor, and tax preparer. I love the variety, and I especially love the flexibility in my schedule. All in all, I'd say I've been kind of tough to define. I generally refer to myself as a "numbers nerd."
     And that's all just working life. Otherwise I'm a wife of 34 years and mother of two early-30s sons. Those are far and away my favorite roles.
     I am lucky. Life has been a great adventure. I've been able to follow my curiosity and use my skills in a satisfying manner. I'm comfortable in my own skin, even comfortable without any particular definition of "Leta." No doubt there's still more of great interest to come, and I welcome learning new aspects of myself.

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