Sunday, March 13, 2022

March 13--Deep Down

There is nothing deep down inside us except what we put there ourselves. 
--Richard Rorty

    I surely believe that we pack deep down a lot of stuff we don't need, and much of the packing is unconscious. I have a rock-solid foundation of codependency, brought on by the need as a child to keep my mother happy and alive and to keep peace in the household. There were much more complex things going on than I could understand, but I worked hard trying to keep everyone happy. By the way, I failed at that, because it wasn't my job. 
    As life moved on and I became an independent adult, spurred on by my mother's death when I was 23, I learned that I could make different choices of what to put deep down. I saw my upbringing with new eyes and made choices to unpack some of the harmful baggage I had packed. Some items have been quite resistant to leaving, but persistence, time and spiritual practice have yielded much healing. 
    Grateful for the journey,
A gift from my son,
who knows me so well!

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