Wednesday, June 9, 2021

June 9--Yes, We Do

We already have everything we need.  --Pema Chodron

    Amen! This is a very lofty and profound quote. Today I am using it in a very practical sense. Last night I attended the first of six watercolor classes. It was fun to reunite with the instructor from whom I've taken several art classes. The drawing workshop frustrated me totally. The acrylics classes were great fun and ultimately led me to the barn quilt painting. My artistic horizon has been expanded. It is important to me to keep learning.
    Back to the watercolor class... the first one was all about all the supplies we need to buy. The instructor talked about an exercise to begin exploring the different ways to use the paints and water. He knows me well enough to note in my direction that this medium is very different from acrylics, and I could be easily frustrated, having shown my love of straight lines with the barn quilts. When we were finished, he said, "Well, if I haven't scared you off, I'll see you next week." YIKES! I left there feeling like he had scared me off. Loud questions are racing through my mind:
  • Do I really have fantasies of being able to make watercolor art? 
  • Do I want to spend all that money on supplies for something that will only frustrate me? 
  • Should I just quit now? 
  • Or should I be bull-headed and stick with it and buy everything and torture myself? 
    Then a tiny voice speaks up, "It might be fun. You have the money. Why not try it? You can do it!" I know I'm having PTSD from high school art classes. This is stretching my self-knowledge and abilities, and that is always scary to me. 
    Writing this has been clarifying. I'm at least going to go shopping. Stay tuned...

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