Tuesday, June 15, 2021

June 15--Nature Tells All

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. 
--Albert Einstein

    What do I see in nature? The first thing is that everything is infinite--the blades of grass, the fresh air, the leaves on the trees, the sunshine, the grains of sand, the stars, those dastardly squirrels. Nature does not hold back anything. 
    Next I see beauty. It is everywhere, from the tiniest lady bug to vastness of the starry sky at night. The variety of natural beauty on planet Earth is staggering. Have you ever been snorkeling in the ocean? There is a whole other world of creatures and color below the surface of the water.
    I see order, divine order. I believe our planet is an intelligent living entity that knows how to care for itself and us. Everything and everyone on this planet, even those dastardly squirrels, has a purpose and reason for being here to support a rich and healthy life. We mess with this order at our own peril.
    I see joy. There are so many wonderful places to play, explore, climb, make sand castles and daydream. The variety of flowers alone is evidence of the sheer overflowing joy of Spirit to give us everything and more.
    And that's it--divine givingness. Spirit seeks only to provide for us and love us and delight us infinitely. When we truly understand and internalize that, we've got it made. 

Douglas Reservoir outside Fort Collins CO

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