Friday, June 25, 2021

June 25--Take a Step Back

Distance has the same effect on the mind as on the eye.  --Samuel Johnson

    The further we step back, the more we can see. Think of backing up to look at a painting or sculpture in a museum or taking in beautiful scenery. That's using the eye. 
    The bigger picture is most advantageous to the mind as well. We can get so mired in a problem or drama that there seems to be no solution. Mentally distancing from the situation gives us a new perspective and hopefully clarity. I suspect we've all been in a tense relationship situation where the best plan is to step away, regroup, and reconsider in order to behave appropriately and create the best outcome for all involved. Meditation is a powerful distancing tool, opening us to the realm of infinite potential as we recognize the expansiveness within us. I would offer that napping and exercising are also good distancing practices.
    Thinking of distance in terms of travel, certainly we get to see beautiful scenery, but we also nourish the mind learning about different cultures, traditions and history. There's way more to life than just our small day-to-day worlds.
    Stepping back and moving forward,

"The Bean" in Chicago's Millennium Park

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