Saturday, June 12, 2021

June 12--New Eyes

The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.  --Marcel Proust

    Today I get to play a new-to-me golf course. It is a new landscape, surely. The "new eyes" part is me forgetting all previous golf strokes, good or bad, and enthusiastically taking on the new venue. 
    Really seeing, with full attention, is a challenge for me. As a severely overweight youngster, I was teased a lot, and I think I developed a very strong desire not to be seen (which is obviously ridiculous given the size I was, but there you have it). It seems that led me into the practice of glancing over most everyone and everything. It is still a huge difficulty for me to remember faces and names. 
    Nature is a great place to practice seeing with "new eyes." Maybe flowers were given to us just for this purpose 😉😉 I walk Barney a fairly similar route most days, and it's easy to ignore my surroundings. Reminding myself to look closely at the passing gardens always brings me the beauty of flowers, assorted greenery, water features and other critters. 
    Actual new landscapes are generally more the exception in routine daily life, but each day can be new when we truly pay attention and see with new eyes. 
    I'm off to sink a few putts...


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