Wednesday, June 23, 2021

June 23--Let's (not) Face It

If you shut your door on all errors, truth will be shut out.  --Rabindranath Tagore

    We all screw up, and that's the truth. If we try to hide all errors, not only would the truth be shut out, so would a great deal of learning. If we are open, we can learn much from mistakes. First and foremost, we learn not to do the same dumb thing again. Alas, that doesn't mean we won't.
    Denial--now there's some dysFUNctional stuff. It's the classic case of shutting the door on errors: "I'm fine." But there's truth underneath the denial screaming to get out. Any addict who has lifted himself up from rock bottom knows the veracity of Tagore's quote. Consider any closely guarded family secrets. In my family of origin, that was my dad's drinking. No one knew the truth except those living under the same roof. That door was shut and well defended. 
    Opening the door, letting out the truth, sets one free. 
    By the way, in the context above, "I'm fine" stands for f%*^#ked up--insecure--neurotic--emotional.
    I'm doing alright,       
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