Friday, May 10, 2024

May 10--Accepting Imperfection

Perfection is inhuman. Human beings are not perfect. What evokes our love... is the imperfection of the human being.  --Joseph Campbell

    "AMEN!" a thousand times over! It is our faults, flaws, insecurities, "warts," wackiness, stumbles and recoveries that make us the unique, unrepeatable expressions of Spirit that we are. There is way too much perfection-seeking in our society, exacerbated by social media. It is clearly damaging to our children, which we see in ever-increasing suicide rates. 
    After years of spending too much time on Facebook, I gave it up at the early stages of the previous presidential election. All I was seeing was political crap or ads for things I had no interest in. Any time I tried to offer any coaching or class opportunities, those posts went into oblivion somewhere and never showed up where I had hoped they would. Life without Facebook is possible, and it removes a level of perfectionistic comparison from one's life. I have managed to survive quite well without it.
    I have a t-shirt that designates me as "World's Okayest Pickleball Player." We all need one that labels us as "World's Okayest Human."
Lilies, my favorite.
What would life be without flowers?

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