Friday, April 1, 2022

April 1--LOVE!

Love should be allowed. I'm all for it.  --Truman Capote

    We are starting April with a new book in the National Geographic series titled "Daily Gratitude." The April theme is LOVE.
    I am in agreement with Mr. Capote. Love in ALL forms, no matter your gender preference, sexual orientation, or any other personal characteristics. It is no one else's business whom you love or how you love. I certainly wish our assorted legislatures would stop fussing with issues of sexual orientation, gender changes, and who uses which bathroom (to name just a few of the idiotic measures they are pushing) and take care of things that are much more relevant and necessary for the good of all, such as infrastructure improvements and school funding.
    Please don't give me a religious argument in favor of discrimination relative to LGBTQ persons. That's completely NOT what Jesus or any of the other masters were teaching. That sort of discrimination is about controlling others and nothing else. It sickens me. 
    Please! Tell someone today that you love them, just as they are!

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