Saturday, April 16, 2022

April 16--Heckuva Deal

A good marriage was one in which each person thought he or she was getting the better deal.  --Anne Lamott

    I can't speak for my husband, but I certainly feel like I got the better deal. He's healthy, handy, well-read, intelligent, musically talented, funny, and a passionate chef. I am spoiled. But then, my dad spoiled me, so I've been blessed with a lifetime of loving care. It would be an interesting exercise to discuss what my husband thinks of this quote and what he's getting out of our deal.
    Let's also consider a "good friendship." Certainly there is an ebb and flow in friendship. Yet I have been in a friendship now and then wherein the other person was getting a way better deal, leaving me empty. That sort of "friendship" doesn't last, when it's all "take" and little "give." 
    We humans are naturally love-givers, so we need someone to take the deal we are offering. Being able to receive is just as important as giving, and it's a vital aspect of a good deal for both sides. While I am perfectly capable of fetching my own cup of coffee, I love it when my husband brings me coffee each morning as I'm sitting in bed writing. 
    Knowing a good deal when I see it,

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