Monday, April 25, 2022

April 25--Gratitude--Express It!

Gratitude is a shortcut which speedily leads to love.  --Theophile Gautier

    Isn't it nice to be appreciated? Don't you feel good vibes toward someone who thanks you for your being and doing? My husband cooks all our meals with loving care--he is devoted to the art and craft of cooking, and I can't imagine not thanking him for his efforts. 
    As reported earlier, I've done full-time temporary tax work for the same person for seven years. Never once in all that time have I heard a "thank you," "good job," or anything similar. Yes, I've been paid well, but I have certainly learned to work well without any show of gratitude. I do my best because that's my nature. It's a good thing I didn't need the boss' appreciation to motivate me. Being Miss-Manners-trained, I said "thank you" multiple times a day to my boss, because I couldn't do the job without his help. Pay and instruction (i.e., correction) were his expressions of gratitude. 
    Not receiving enough gratitude in your life? Give it out! What goes around comes around.

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