Wednesday, April 27, 2022

April 27--Infinite Capacity

Where there is great love there are always miracles.  --Willa Cather

    On my long drives to and from Colorado, I catch up on Rob Bell podcasts. (The Robcast) Bell is a former minister turned author and world-wide speaker. He has a way of making sense out of so much in our world that does not make any sense to me, like Russia invading Ukraine and Trump and his followers. Bell is a man of great love. He travels the world over to deliver a message of love. 
    In one of the podcasts, Bell talked about a friend who is going through an extra-tough struggle with cancer. Instead of the trite phrase "I am praying for you," he uses "I am holding you in my heart." I love this! I have more faith in my heart than anywhere else in the universe. Because the capacity of our hearts to love is infinite, our hearts can hold as much as we care to put there. I think of all the folks I carry in my heart regularly, and I'm happy to have those simple but awesomely powerful words to wrap around my practice. 
    With an expansive heart, 

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