Thursday, April 28, 2022

April 28--What Do You Really Love?

The things that we love tell us what we are.  --St. Thomas Aquinas

    "You are what you eat."
    "She who dies with the most fabric wins."
    "I just need a little fix."
    "If only I can get one more refill of this prescription." 
    "Coffee is the reason I get up in the morning."
    We have TV shows about hoarders. I am horrified at the proliferation of storage facilities in our country--building offsite places to store our stuff. As I walk Barney around our neighborhood, I see many garages which are home, not to vehicles, but to piles and piles of stuff. Consuming certainly is one of our misdirected gods. 
   I'm reading an excellent book titled "Addiction and Grace" by Gerald May. His premise is that everyone is addicted to something, at the very least "stinking thinking." The objects of our addictions (food, alcohol, sex, shopping, stuff, on and on) are our idols, what we worship. Lasting recovery requires us to recognize who/what we truly are--infinite spiritual beings created from and by Source. Following the line of the Aquinas quote, we have to love that power greater than us in order to bring out our best and stop the addictive cycle. 
    Less stuff means more joy,

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