Sunday, April 10, 2022

April 10--Love Lingers

If you had really loved something, wouldn't a little bit of it always linger? 
--Susan Orlean

    I believe so. I still remember my first dog when I was a child, a black Pomeranian named Pepper. I don't remember getting him. Maybe he was in the house before me. I do remember, though, that he was killed on the heavily-traveled road in front of our house. It was heart-breaking. 
    My mom, dad and some dear friends have passed. They will always linger with me. Even my travels to visit relatives--the times we shared hang on as joyful memories.
    A couple nights ago, I reunited a group of friends who routinely get together every month, but we had slipped a few months (can you say "time flies!"?). There was no love lost--the lingering love reignited as we caught up with happenings and simply enjoyed seeing each other in person. (I'm grateful to the pandemic for making us appreciate being together.) Smiles and hugs went all 'round. Besides some great leftovers, I have a warm lingering feeling in my heart. And we have plans in place for our May get-together.
    Love abounds,

Summertime at Wrigley--
Cubs' love lingers forever!

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