Monday, November 1, 2021

November 1--Wisely Appreciating

The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook.  --William James

    The November theme in "Daily Joy" is wisdom. 
    Let us begin by overlooking whatever we may consider flaws in our bodies and bless those vehicles that enable us to be here. This is written by UMC minister and artist, Jan Richardson:

This blessing takes
one look at you
and all it can say is

Holy hands.
Holy face.
Holy feet.
Holy everything
in between.

Holy even in pain.
Holy even when weary.
In brokenness, holy.
In shame, holy still.

Holy in delight.
Holy in distress.
Holy when being born.
Holy when we lay it down
at the hour of our death.

So, friend,
open your eyes
(holy eyes).
For one moment
see what this blessing sees,
this blessing that knows
how you have been formed
and knit together
in wonder and
in love.

Welcome this blessing
that folds its hands
in prayer
when it meets you;
receive this blessing
that wants to kneel
in reverence
before you—
you who are
home for God
in this world.
    Grateful for my healthy body,

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