Saturday, January 9, 2021

January 9--Stuck? Muddy?

We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves so that we don't become stick-in-the-muds. --Goethe 

    Let's play with "old." I can do this, because I'm 65, have gray hair and plenty of wrinkles, and I am what a 20-something would say is "old." I giggle when I refer to someone as "old," because I fall in the senior citizen category, too. However, I don't feel old in any way. I'm still curious. I want to go and do and learn. I stay active. I read a lot. Heck, I rode on a merry-go-round just last week! I'm fully into the "renew and rejuvenate" practice--it keeps life interesting, and heaven knows, there is infinite opportunity to explore on our fabulous planet. 
    Most likely, we all know someone whom we think of as a stick-in-the-mud. Someone I dearly love stated recently, "I'm just sitting in my chair waiting to die." Certainly chronic health issues can cause us to lose interest in life. I get that. It's likely that we each have one or more areas in life where we would say we are a stick-in-the-mud. Mine would be clothing/fashion. I have no idea what current fashion is. The whole idea scares me. I hate clothes-shopping. I live in "Life is Good" clothes and jeans or shorts, or yoga clothes. I'm OK with this stick-in-the-mud aspect of myself. I have my priorities relative to expanding in this lifetime, and fashion is not one of them. 😉😉
    We humans are a mixed bag of loving change and fighting it. Loosening up our mental death-grip on how life should be gets us out of the mud. 

An uplift from Brian McLaren: The universe is God’s creative project, filled with beauty, opportunity, challenge, and meaning. It runs on the meaning or pattern we see embodied in the life of Jesus. Newness multiplies. Freedom grows. Meaning expands. Wisdom flows. Healing happens. Goodness runs wild.

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