Sunday, January 3, 2021

January 3--Choose to Pursue

There is a joy in the pursuit of anything.  --Robert Henri

    Setting the mind to something, with total focus, truly is a joy. My younger son is in the midst of studying and creating plans for customizing a van. I can feel the joy in him as he talks about it. I feel that joy when I get into painting, gardening, traveling, golfing or teaching. My husband and older son experience great joy in cooking and also discussing their efforts with each other. 
    I believe this joy is a result of connecting with our inner flow of creativity, an aspect of Spirit within us. Doing what we love opens wide the channel, and our life energy is super-charged. It feels good. It is wonderful that just as I get joy from the things I mentioned above, there are folks who get great joy from fixing car engines, performing surgery, inventing technology, playing music and studying the galaxies. We wouldn't have the convenient lives we have today if it weren't for humans finding "joy in the pursuit of anything." 
    As we enter a new year, we have the opportunity to figure out those personal "anythings" that we can pursue with joy. What will they be? 

2020, by Leta

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