Tuesday, January 26, 2021

January 26--Integrity

There is no real development without integrity, that is--a love of truth. 
--Frank Lloyd Wright

    Holy cow, is this ever relevant, having just survived four years of a POTUS who consistently and blatantly lied, has no integrity, and not only didn't develop, but deteriorated over the four years into an even more vengeful person. It has been a glaring example of this quote, center-stage USA. 
    So with my verbal finger-pointing, I do note that three fingers are pointing back at me. This quote has likewise been true in my life. As I look back on my early years moving into adulthood and my twenties, I see very much a lack of integrity. Yes, I was "cash-register honest," but there were a lot of secrets. What folks saw on the outside was not matching the inside. There was plenty of personal, internal dishonesty, especially revolving around my addiction. It was in a 12-Step program that I learned the concept of integrity and how to develop it within myself. Like all of life, it's a practice. The more I practice, the more I grow, and the more comfortable I become with who I am. 
    I believe truth is an aspect of love, that love is the only power there is, and that truth always comes out eventually. I'm grateful for that. 

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