Friday, February 9, 2024

February 9--To Infinity and Beyond!

Nobody has ever measured, even the poets, how much a heart can hold. 
--Zelda Fitzgerald

    Since February is all about affection, I tend to go to the heart holding an unlimited amount of love. Certainly that is true because our heart connects us to the infinite All That Is. 
    Our hearts hold more than love. They hold pain, sorrow, grief, and regret. One doesn't have to be on the planet for very long to encounter these. Some lives have more than others. I believe our hearts hold these emotions tenderly because of our infinite capacity to love. 
    Some hearts are overwhelmed with fear, anger and hatred. Alas, our news media shows us these hearts way too much, so we might think this is the norm for humans. It is not. 
    Let us each contribute to the world a heart full of love,

Astronomy Picture of the Day, Feb 8
Globular Star Cluster with 
hundreds of thousands of stars

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