Friday, August 5, 2022

August 5--What is "Home"?

Home is the nicest word there is.  --Laura Ingalls Wilder

    Agree! Where does the word "home" take you? I look around at the physical home I am sitting in, where I've lived over half my life. There is still a huge element of "home" for me in Pennsylvania, as that's where I was born and raised. My heart sings when I get to travel through my beautiful home state. There is also Home, where our souls hang out when we are not in physical form. I don't know much about that one, but I expect it's a pretty heavenly place!
    Are people "home"? Being with those we love, wherever, can feel like the comfort of home. I had supper with a dear friend recently. We don't see each other often, but when we do, it's an easy, chatty catch-up time that feels so good. 
    Then there are those activities that feel like "home," as in, I am at home in the water or in the garden or on the golf course. Maybe you are fortunate enough to have and enjoy a "home away from home." All of those favorite activities are taking place on our magnificent Earth home. 
    Clearly "home" is a very important word and inspiration for us humans. 
    At home, 

Our neighborhood park at sunrise

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