Thursday, August 4, 2022

August 4--A Peaceful Home

Peace and a well-built house cannot be bought too dearly.  --Danish Proverb

    I have spent more than half my life in Wichita in our present home of 37 years. I grew up in Pennsylvania, living in the same home from birth to leaving for college. There were assorted rental homes during college and early working life. Besides my home state back east, I've also lived in Washington DC, Minnesota and Wisconsin. I have enjoyed every home. 
    When we bought this house in 1985, I don't think either my husband or I thought we'd be here these many years later. It turned out that we liked the neighborhood, the neighbors, the school district, proximity to church, etc. so there was no incentive to move. I took on the task of turning a nothing-but-grass yard into a garden (and now forest). 
    Last spring, in less than two months, we replaced the air conditioner, furnace, dishwasher and hot water heater, so I'm thinking we're staying put for a while. My husband is currently undertaking the huge task of replacing our deck. 
    Peace reigns and we are truly blessed,

Our rock-solid well-built deck in process...

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