Saturday, August 27, 2022

August 27--Boldly Go

Eden is that old-fashioned house
We dwell in every day
Without suspecting our abode
Until we drive away.  
--Emily Dickinson

    This is the Henri Nouwen meditation from August 25 titled "Writing Reveals What is Alive in Us":
Writing is a process in which we discover what lives in us. The writing itself reveals to us what is alive in us. The deepest satisfaction of writing is precisely that it opens up new spaces within us of which we were not aware before we started to write. To write is to embark on a journey whose final destination we do not know. Thus, writing requires a real act of trust. We have to say to ourselves: “I do not yet know what I carry in my heart, but I trust that it will emerge as I write.” Writing is like giving away the few loaves and fishes one has, trusting that they will multiply in the giving. Once we dare to “give away” on paper the few thoughts that come to us, we start discovering how much is hidden underneath these thoughts and gradually come in touch with our own riches.
     I wouldn't say that I always come in contact with "riches." I did some very painful, angry journal writing a couple days ago. It was stuff that needed to be freed. And, yes, my heart feels like it is carrying less. 
    So I keep writing...

A Kansas field of sunflowers along I70

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