Saturday, August 13, 2022

August 13--Like It Or Not

Home is the place where, when
you have to go there, 
They have to take you in. 
--Robert Frost

    I think back to my college days when I would occasionally just go home. I may or may not have given notice. I expected my parents to be there and take me in. (I might add that they never went anywhere together.) That was home, nutty as it was. During my teenage years, I stayed overnight often with my brother and his wife to help her with their four small children. Even though my brother despised me his whole life, he took me in because he surely didn't want to help with his kids. That's yet another weird example of Frost's "home."
    There have been a few times when friends or family have refused to take me in. Sometimes it just doesn't fit the schedule or whatever. I get that. But I also know that I won't ask again, because it's not "home," not a place where "they have to take you in." For the most part, I have been blessed with many homes-away-from-home where friends and relatives have graciously welcomed me.
    I believe we each have a really good internal feeling of what "home" truly is. 

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