Thursday, October 19, 2023

October 19--What a Birthday!!!

The enjoyment comes from knowing the receiver understands the spirit of the gift.  --Oprah Winfrey

    What could possibly be wrong with spending my birthday in Wales and England? NOTHING!!!
    It was a terrific birthday. We started out in the town in Wales with the longest name in the world. Don't even ask me to pronounce it. We had a half-hour there, and it was the best shop we've been to, so we could all have spent easily an hour there. I got the one thing I really wanted on this trip--a hoodie with the Welsh dragon on it. (Photo to come). 

That's the town name up on the red banner.

    "Someone" ratted me out, so the whole bus sang "Happy Birthday" to me. 
    Next we went to Caernarfon Castle. We were able to climb up stone spiral staircases to explore the walkway on top of the castle. 

From up high, the Welsh mountains in the background.

    We had a pub lunch and beers in the town, and I had ice cream, because it was my birthday!
    Then we went to Porthmadog and rode a steam engine train up the mountain. The scenery is breathtaking. We saw waterfalls, loads of sheep, and the mountains are covered in slate, a mining industry in the area. 

Engine blowing off steam

    Next Tim, our bus driver, drove us a couple of hours to Liverpool where we checked into the Novotel Hotel (modern and much nicer than the previous night's spot, with THREE elevators). After settling in, our foursome went in search of a pub, because I wanted mac 'n' cheese for my birthday dinner. We scored at the Pumphouse, where we were all treated by one of our bunch because of my birthday. Have I told you it was #68 for me?!?!!? 
    Walking back to our hotel, our route was cut off by police tape due to an accident. A lovely young man guided us around the blockade and back to Hanover Street where our hotel is. 
    The perfect end to the perfect birthday--our host, Greg Tamblyn, did a sing-a-long with a few Beatles tunes, played some of his own songs, and had a couple guys from our bunch do some numbers, too. Great fun! 

Greg in action

    Today is BEATLES!!!!
        Lovin' life, 

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