Sunday, October 15, 2023

October 15--WINDY!!

It is higher and nobler to be kind.  --Mark Twain

    No rain yesterday! The wind more than made up for it. Such is life on the seacoast. 
    I started the day walking down toward the sea, but the combination of wind, cold, sea spray, and soggy sand turned me back to the hotel. After breakfast we loaded onto the bus to explore Cornwall. Our ultimate destination was the extreme southwest corner of England, Land's End. 
    Our first stop was St. Ives.We hiked down a very steep path to the area of shops and wandered around. We stopped into a restaurant where Lanie and I "took one for the team" and got half-pints so our foursome could use the restroom. Such sacrifices we make!! The other treat there was strawberry shortbread, which had the extra double bonus of cream cheese frosting on top. We paid to ride the shuttle back up to the top of the hill, where Lanie and I had another half-pint at St. Ives Brewing Company. We sat outside and enjoyed the view. The tide was out, so there is a large area where many boats are just sitting on the sand. 

Lego men in fudge...
"Play with your food..."
    Next we drove to the beach where we saw Mt. St. Michael. It's a former abbey on an island at high tide, but you can walk out there at low tide. Alas, we did not have time to walk out there. I did, however, have time to chat with a man sitting with his 3-yr-old female Golden Retriever named Sunny. It was a healing encounter for me.
    Then we headed to Land's End, where the Celtic Sea and English Channel meet at the very southwest tip of England. We had Cornish Cream Tea. It was tea and scones with jelly and clotted cream--a delicious traditional English treat. 

    After tea and scones, we waddled around the area enjoying the magnificent view. 

    After these adventures, I am assuredly not homesick for Kansas wind! I am pleased to report that there are plentiful wind turbines in Cornwall, as there should be!
    Supper was at the hotel. None of us were that hungry given the afternoon tea and scone.
    Our next couple of days take us to the Cotswolds. Stay tuned!
Seen at a card shop...
There's some truth to that!

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