Tuesday, October 10, 2023

October 10--I'm Not Sure It Can Get Any Better, But I'll Bet It Does

If you look for perfection, you'll never be content.  --Leo Tolstoy

    Monday in London. We had breakfast, then loaded onto the bus, wherein Lanie and I took our usual seats in the rear. We drove to Windsor and toured Windsor Castle. It is simply one jaw-dropping, gold-leaf-filled room after another. We couldn't take photos inside, so I can't offer any. 
    Then we came back to London and toured Westminster Abbey. You, too, along with approximately 3,000 others could be buried there, if you are deemed "important." My hopes are slim. Charles Dickens, I ain't. 
    Then the bus took us to Piccadilly Circus, which IS a circus and a lot like Times Square. You could either get off the bus and explore or go back to the hotel. We got off the bus. We walked and gawked. I asked a street vendor for directions to the nearest pub, and he pointed us up the street. We found O'Neils. We sat and gabbed and drank beer. Our server was a talkative dear, so we asked her for a recommendation for an Indian restaurant. She gave us two suggestions. We decided on Dishoom. While we were considering the way there, another server came up to us and offered to draw us a map on how to trek there. (see below) 
    We finished 1 1/2 pints of beer each, so we were ready for adventure. We took off following the map, and sure enough, we found Dishoom. There was an incredibly long line. The Indian family waiting just ahead of us, plus one of the outdoor diners near us, told us it was worth the wait, and so we waited. The folks in front of us gave us food recommendations. There was a solo man (Kyle) behind us in line who was getting the same suggestions simultaneously from a friend via his phone. We started talking, you know, friendly tourist stuff. It turns out he is from Fort Worth and in London on business. A hostess person came along the line and asked if we would be OK with a lower-height lounge table. We said yes, and asked Kyle if he would like to join us. He said yes, and "It's on me." "Holy cow" is an understatment. So we bypassed the line and were seated. We had Indian gimlets and a FABULOUS meal (butter chicken and daal--a lentil dish--and naan) and super conversation. And Kyle, true to his word, paid for it all and said, "You two are a cheap date." We took photos, hugged even, and parted ways. 
    Lanie and I planned to take the Tube back to our hotel, so we headed back to the Piccadilly Tube station. At the ticket place, we asked for help and learned that you can ride the tube most cheaply by simply using one's credit card at the turn style entering and exiting. He told us where to go and what train to take. We followed directions, returned easily to Hammersmith station, and walked the short distance to our hotel. 
    What are the chances?!?!?!? The Universe went over and above the call of duty into "triple cream cheese frosting" territory for this day and evening. 
    I can hardly wait to see what today brings! Stay tuned!!
Our map

Leta, Lanie, Kyle at Dishoom

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