Wednesday, March 27, 2024

March 27--Love Chooses Its Own Route

Love cannot be forced, love cannot be coaxed or teased. It comes out of heaven, unasked and unsought.  --Pearl S. Buck

    I grew up in the boondocks of Pennsylvania, and my husband grew up in the suburbs of St. Louis. A miraculous, multi-year series of events brought us together. Who knew, at the time, where each of those decisions (such as jobs and locations) would lead?!?! I would also throw in here that my extreme love of baseball played a huge role in our romance. 😉😉
    I enjoyed breakfast yesterday morning with my brother in the main dining room. He is a West Point graduate, served in the Army for many years (including two separate years in Vietnam as an Army Ranger), so he is into all things military. I asked him about two of our uncles who served in WW2. Uncle Ed, a total character, was in Italy and used the time to drink as much wine as possible. My brother said he never ranked above private. Our other uncle, however, Uncle Peck, was wounded in the battle/landing at Anzio and was awarded a Silver Star, the third highest combat decoration in the Armed Forces. Who knew?!?! Even though my brother can't remember what he did earlier in the day, he has a wealth of knowledge about times long past and family history. He is a great story-teller.
    Loving the time with my brother,
Getting the 5-minute buzz cut

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