Tuesday, September 6, 2022

September 6--Failure is Subjective

Failure is impossible.  --Susan B. Anthony

    That's the theory, but it surely doesn't feel that way sometimes. As I ponder this quote, I realize that failure is subjective. What seems to me to be a failure may appear as great success to someone else. 
    Picking up a cart key for a recent round of golf, the clerk gave me "lucky #7." He said, "Maybe you'll shoot seven under." I replied, "I would be ecstatic to shoot 7 over!" Alas, my score was considerably more than seven over. However, there was no failure as I was so happy to be out there by myself with my "new" clubs on a day with moderate temperatures (we've had a very long HOT spell this summer). 
    "Failure" is a black-white concept, and most of life is shades of gray. What if we drop the word "failure" and simply view life as one interesting experience after another?

Mariana Butte Golf Course, Loveland, CO

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