Monday, September 26, 2022

September 26--Could We Just Drop September?

The best way out is always through.  --Robert Frost

    Grief is the first thing that comes to my mind with this quote, as my family mourns the passing of my sister-in-law. I will be heading to Ohio later this week for a memorial service. There will be plenty of tears making for lots of good soul-rinsing. It's best just to let the tears flow. Someone once said that one can't cry forever, that tears eventually run out. I'm not so sure about that. 
     September--I'd like to eliminate you from the calendar. But alas, I must sludge through you. If depression shows up for me, it happens in September. My s-i-l just passed on the 23rd, and both my parents passed on Sept. 24, 21 years apart. I had a bad back injury in the 90s and spent one whole September in bed. And then there's 9-11!! Geez. Only four more days to make it through this wicked month. 

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