Thursday, September 22, 2022

September 22--Flying

To have faith is to have wings.  --J. M. Barrie

    Is there any greater expression of faith than to have a child? Gestation is a long period of holding to the knowing that the little one is growing whole and healthy. Pregnancy tends to be an exciting, optimistic and idealistic time--won't it be so wonderful?!?!? "A dream come true!" Yes, that's so, but then labor happens, the baby is born, and "the rubber meets the road." What sustains the new parents through sleepless nights, endless crying, a decades-long crash course in learning other than faith? That faith gives parents the wings to fly through it all. And it does fly by, as any parent of adult children will testify. 
    The wings of faith show up in many other areas of life... choosing and/or changing careers, recovering from illness or addiction, learning a new skill or hobby, caring for a loved one, traveling, buying that dream home, staying in a long-term relationship. 
    There's no flying without faith.

Our sweet Barney has a lot of faith in us!

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