Monday, December 7, 2020

December 7--More to Life

There must be more to life than having everything! --Maurice Sendak

    One of my great-nieces was married this past Saturday. What was planned over a year ago--big family wedding with reception--didn't happen, of course, due to the pandemic. Plans were revised, and the couple decided to stick with their original date. Her parents cleared their home's large finished basement and made a "chapel" out of it. It was decorated with small trees with white lights and white poinsettias. It was a lovely setting. They live-streamed it, so that the many loved ones who would have normally been there could watch. Even the minister was virtual! The bride's younger brother and sister were the only attendants. 
    True to form, when the bride's dad (my nephew) walked his daughter forward and handed her over to the groom, I lost it. I cried through the whole thing. "It's what I do." The father of the bride was born when I was nine years old, and he was the first baby I was blessed to help care for and watch grow up. What heart-expanding joy to see this huge milestone in their lives!
    All the "not normal" stuff aside, the bride and groom were radiant. Their vows and the words of love that they shared with each other were both comical and profound. You know it's true love when you give up an easy last name of Miller for Knabenshue! There is more to life than having everything, and that is love.
    With a heart full of joy,

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