Saturday, December 5, 2020

December 5--All We Need

All we have is all we need. All we need is the awareness of how blessed we really are.  --Sarah Ban Breathnach

    I remind my Melt and yoga students often to breathe, and to appreciate the ability to breathe on their own power. We can breathe and think, and therefore create. What more is needed?
    My husband and I discuss at least daily how blessed we are. Number one is we are healthy. We have all we need. We have each other, and even after 34 years of marriage, we still like and love each other. We have our sweet and entertaining dog, Barney. Our sons are living independently and supporting themselves. We have great friends and extended family. We are financially stable. My husband is a great cook, and spoils us twice a day with high-quality, healthy meals. We have been able to keep ourselves relatively sane during the pandemic with assorted projects and have accomplished major clearing and decluttering. I have a new hip joint and a renewed love of walking. I thank the Creative Forces of the Universe every day for Zoom!
    Focusing on what we don't have brings more lack. Focusing on blessings brings more blessings. It really is as simple as that. Oh, and by the way, we choose our focus with each thought. That's where our true power lies. 

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