Tuesday, December 1, 2020

December 1--New Month, New Theme

Simplicity is a matter of taste.  --Stephen Hawking

    As you may have guessed already, December's theme is simplicity. I think this whole miraculous year of 2020 has been an inspiration in simplicity. Figuring out what we really need, what is really important, how to accomplish what must be done, and learning to let the rest go. 
    Last evening I completed our Christmas decorating for this season. In 2019, overwhelmed, sort of, with a new puppy, we didn't do any Christmas decorating. We've adjusted to Barney, and I felt inspired to decorate this year. I did enough to make inside and outside look festive, but it is definitely simple--a tree, some lights, some hanging things--that's it. But I love all of it, and I love the simplicity. Many years ago I realized that an overabundance of Christmas decorations required the overabundance of putting away after Christmas, so I decided to simplify the "putting away."
    In my working career, I've worked with several folks whose motto was "Why do anything simply if we can over-complicate it?" I am grateful that those folks inadvertently trained me to focus on simple solutions. Simplicity really is a mindset. Just because "we've always done it that way," it doesn't mean that has to continue. My mother often said, "Give a lazy person a hard job and she'll find an easier way to do it." I guess I latched onto "lazy" and have made simplicity one of my missions in life. I'm good with that!
    Joyful December, keeping it simple,

A simple snowman, 
painted by yours truly 😉

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