Tuesday, December 29, 2020

December 29--Less Is More

A simple life is its own reward.  --George Santayana

    I have very few complications in my life. I'm organized. I like it that way. 2020 has made clear those things that are the essentials in my life, and also how little I need to thrive--relationships, food, shelter, exercise, creative outlets, and learning. All the other stuff, like golf, travel, and watching sports, is fluff, albeit enjoyable fluff. 
    I admit that I'm in a bit of a funk relative to 2021. Generally I look forward to a new year with great anticipation, but given the way 2020 slapped us around, I'm wary of being too optimistic about the coming year. I plan to do tax work again, so that covers me to mid-April (I think!). Beyond that, do I dare plan trip(s)? I learned in 2020 to count on cancellations. 2021 shows a lot of "maybe," which makes organized-control-freak Leta crazy. 
    The approach which keeps my sanity intact is the simple slogan, "one day at a time." This and gratitude keep me from getting too far ahead of myself into uncertainties. They complicate life. As the Bible suggests: Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Matthew 6:34.
    Today is simple, and that's a blessing,

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