Friday, December 4, 2020

December 4--Hallelujah!

Not everything needs to be fixed.  --Randy Pausch

    Sometimes I simply need or want to cry. I refer to it as soul-rinsing. Often times when I am crying, those nearest to me want to fix me so that I'll stop crying. This attempt at fixing makes me crazy. I am actually doing the fixing by crying--moving energy through my body that needs to move on.  
    Our natural inclination when we see a problem is to want to help, to offer solutions, i.e., advice. Maybe by now you've learned that this is not usually a successful venture. People take care of their issues, or not, in their own way, and it's not our job to fix them, no matter how qualified we may think we are to do so. One of the best things I continue to learn is to stay out of other folks' business. There is infinite relief in knowing that I don't need to fix others. 
    Here are some worthwhile questions:
        Is something broken here? Can I fix it? Should I attempt to fix it? 
    Let's keep today's quote close to our hearts. 

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