Sunday, December 13, 2020

December 13--No Place Like Home

There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.  --Jane Austen

    Whoa, can we note some ginormous irony here?!??! In hindsight, I wish I had had this quote tattooed somewhere on my body last March. 
    Well, I agree with Austen, and I don't. When my parents' relationship continued to deteriorate during my teenage years, there wasn't much comfort in staying at home. There was either silent viciousness or nasty loud outbursts of fighting. My dad even built an "office" in one of our garage stalls where he could go to get out of the house. I could hardly wait for college to get away. 
    I've traveled extensively over my adult lifetime, and while I love seeing the world, I have always enjoyed returning to my home of 35 years in Wichita. I love my home, and it is a place of real comfort. I appreciate all of the life that has happened here. 
    Fast forward to 2020, when health and government officials ordered us to stay at home. Fairly quickly, "real comfort" got mixed up with feeling "trapped." I can stay home and feel mostly safe from the pandemic, but there may be some loony stir-craziness involved. Days run together, and the sameness becomes more annoying than comforting. That's when I have to get outside, get away, even briefly, in order to make staying at home comfortable again. This year has also offered us plenty of time for completing projects that have made our home a more enjoyable place to stay. 
    Home is as comforting as I choose it to be.

Decked out for Christmas

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