Friday, September 4, 2020

September 4--Continuous Blessings

When we lose one blessing, another is often most unexpectedly given in its place. 
--C. S. Lewis

    It's the ebb and flow of life. The challenge is to release the focus on the lost blessing (allowing time for grieving if need be), and to be open to the replacing blessing. 
    I worked for over six years as a finance manager for a church. We had an outstanding staff that worked together in a spectacular fashion. I loved the job. I could not wait to get to work. It is truly awesome to have that feeling relative to one's job. Well, as is typical with churches, there was a change in senior pastor, and the new pastor and I were like gasoline and a lighted match together. It wasn't long before I was going home in tears nearly every day. Finally, after about eight months of that, I resigned, without another job lined up. It was crushing to go from so much joy at work to so much misery.
    By then, I had renewed aspirations of self-employment. I was studying to be a spiritual living coach and initiating a writing habit. Long story short, I completed the coaching course, wrote my first book, and went on to become a yoga instructor. I am happily self-employed with a flexible schedule that I love. Who knew all these blessings would come from the lost blessing of the church job?
    Whatever "it" is, "it" is probably not the worst that could happen. It's the stepping stone to the next blessing. 
    Keeping the faith,

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